The Company

Our Values

Our Values

Our values at CBC are the common structure for our decisions, our actions and our behavior:
We are RESULT-ORIENTED and we do everything with PASSION.

We are COMMITTED to the growth and prosperity of the company.

We work with SAFETY and we believe that all accidents can be avoided. We do not tolerate any breach of rules and we are strict in dealing with deviations.

We invest in PEOPLE. We aim to attract, develop and retain professionals who have excellent background, pro-activity and self-determination. We work as a team and we delegate authority and responsibility. We also encourage our employees to adopt a healthy way of life.

EXCELLENCE is our management philosophy. At CBC we pursue, develop, implement and incorporate high quality standards into our products, services, and in everything we do.

We believe in MERITOCRACY - our employees are rewarded in proportion to their results and adherence to these values.

This is our WAY at CBC – we are a flexible, simple and fast company. We manage risks and take prompt decisions. We follow international procedures and standards related to the ammunition business and we strictly comply with the laws of the countries where we operate.