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Human Resources

Human Resources

In the constant quest of professionalization, CBC follows an HR management model based on Skills, driving every action towards:
• Attraction,
• Retention,
• Compensation and Benefits,
• Acknowledgment,
• Evaluation,
• Communication and Events,
• Relationship with collaborators, and
• Training and Talent Development.


For purposes of attracting and retaining the best and most qualified professionals, CBC maintains compensation policies aligned with the best practices of the market, within an international management model for fixed and variable compensation. Based on analysis and researches, and in partnership with international institutions, we constantly update our practices in a strategic way providing the best for our collaborator.

Compensation policies include PR (Participation in Results), performance assessment for executive and management levels, based on goals negotiated with collaborator representatives.


CBC offers several benefits for its collaborators, compatible with the best practices in the industry, including:
- Dental Care;
- Health Care;
- Life Insurance;
- Meal Voucher;
- Transportation on freighted bus;
- Restaurant;
- Six-month maternity leave;

Health promotion

CBC values the health of its collaborators, their relatives and the community. The Occupational Medicine team is always in contact with the needs of collaborators, promoting several campaigns focused on chronic diseases, early diagnosis, and prevention. Additionally, CBC offers follow up and medical support to its collaborators and relatives who undergo medical treatments.

Talent Attraction

CBC’s challenge is to have the best people in terms of Education, Experience, and Stamina among its collaborator teams, who stand out in their fields. To find these talents, CBC counts on different strategic partners and uses several modern evaluation techniques and consulting services specialized in recruiting, in Brazil and abroad.

Young Talents

CBC maintains trainees and apprentices (management and industrial) who are trained and take part in programs and events focused on their behavioral and technical development.
Growth Opportunities

Retaining and developing collaborators are two of the pillars of CBC’s mission. This is why CBC prioritizes internal selection to fulfill vacancies, creating growth opportunities and improvement within its own team.

Training, development, and recognition

With the “Talentos de Calibre” program, which includes several initiatives, programs and T&D policy, CBC helps continuous improvement of its team, using modern requirement mapping and result measuring tools. An example is the granting of 30% to 70% scholarships to collaborators, by means of the PDE (Educational Development Policy), for graduation, post-graduation, and MBA courses.

The T&D area also maintains the Leadership Training program, which promotes people management-focused training for managers, as well as several technical specialization actions for all levels in the company, as for instance the Lean Manufacturing method training.

CBC maintains partnerships with Brazilian and European educational institutions, offering training and courses to collaborators in high class institutions, such as Thunderbird University, Fundação Dom Cabral, Lean Institute, Military Institute of Engineering (IME), the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, etc. In technical areas, CBC helps including collaborators into SENAI (the best Brazilian Institute for medium level manufacturing school).

As a means to recognize the efforts and dedication of its team, CBC annually holds an award giving event to collaborators who are with the company for 25 years.

Intercultural Exchange

CBC maintains a structured program and constant information and experience sharing with acquired companies, by means of technical and managing multi-disciplinary groups, who hold annual/quarter Best Practices