• CBC started in 1926 as a small producer of shot shells. The company has evolved to become one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world, with expertise in production of small and medium calibers. Offering a consistent combination of excellent quality, service and flexibility, CBC has become one of the major providers of ammunition to NATO countries, police forces and sport shooters worldwide.

  • Magtech has evolved to become one of the most successful ammunition brands in the sport shooting and law enforcement segments, with a wide variety of handgun cartridges. Magtech ammunition is sold by an affiliated company while we have agreed to acquire.

  • Since 1957, MEN has been a strategic supplier for the German police and army, as well as for several European armies and security forces. MEN is ranked today amongst the most renowned small arms ammunition manufacturers in Europe

  • Born in 1825, Sellier&Bellot is one of the most traditional ammunition factories in the world. The company has a wide range of hunting cartridges in the industry and a very solid position in the world commercial and law enforcement markets.