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31/03/2011 - CBC launches new products for the Military Market

CBC expands its portfolio of military ammunition, with the introduction of new technologies for the Armed Forces:

12.7x99mm (.50) Limited Range

Available in Ball and Tracer versions, these rounds are designed to be used in space constrained training firing ranges and sensitive populated surroundings. They are in compliance with NATO MOPI requirements and present ballistic match with .50 Ball M33 rounds up to 800m (875yd), with a maximum range not exceeding 3.500m (3.828yd).
Some advantages of use of .50 Limited Range ammo are:
• Training in smaller firing ranges (7.62mm safety template);
• Eventually allows simultaneous trainings, when space permits;
• Logistic efficiency in allowing training closer to the quarters and decreasing costs on the training budget;
• Operational solution whenever collateral damage is a concern;
• No weapon modification or conversion kit is required.

5.56x45mm TW12 High Performance (TW12HP)

This round is designed for use in early generations of 5.56x45mm weapons with a 1 in 12 inch rifling twist rate (TW12), such as Colt AR15, Colt M16A1, HK 33, SAR21, Famas F1 and similar rifles, and in FN Minimi, Ultimax 100 and similar machine guns. It is a high performance version of 5.56 Ball M193, with increased penetration capacity (in SAE 1010 or 1020 steel plate, with hardness of 55-70 HRB, 3.5 mm thickness, at a distance of 570m from the muzzle).

The CBC factory is located in Brazil, and is part of the CBC Group, which also includes the internationally recognized brands Magtech, Sellier&Bellot and MEN. The CBC Group has delivered ammunition to over 90 countries and is currently among the three biggest ammunition producers in the world.

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